Hebrews 11:1

Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see.

Our Mission

Acting with Faith by using God’s gifts, Faithe-Built provides others with the guidance and expertise to implement God’s plan for their facilities. Through our service, we develop a strong relationship with each community, give to further God’s commission to spread His Word, and show ourselves as an example of our Christian Faith.

We spread God’s word through the example we set by assisting others to improve and build the facilities needed to accomplish their goals.

We strive to build a strong relationship in every community we touch, giving to those that make a lifelong difference in others’ lives, through the services they provide their community.

  • High Quality

    We are committed to provide high quality service in a cost effective way so organizations of all sizes and financial abilities are able to take advantage of the expertise provided by Faithe-Built.

  • Commitment

    Faithe-Built is committed to putting it’s faith into the action of good deeds as stated in James 2:17, by assisting and giving to local and global faith based organizations.

  • Outreach

    To become a leader in providing services to organizations of all sizes, improving and expanding the use of their facilities to allow them to reach more of their community. This expands the impact of Faithe-Built beyond the direct services we provide.

  • Service Focus

    Faithe-Built has the unique opportunity to assist the smaller local churches and other organizations with services they may not otherwise be able to afford. Through the additional giving to others, we also are able to spread the gifts we have been given far beyond the direct effect our services provide.