When Ben Foote first had the vision of Faithe-Built he wanted to be able to us his gifts and talents to help others.  Creating Foote-Built, Ben worked for several contractors as a consultant, helping them improve on their efficiency in working with engineers and architects on their projects.  He worked on helping them streamline the correspondence necessary with the architects and engineers in order for the contractors to have a more successful project.

Through this process he discovered that the vision of Foote-Built is much bigger than consulting for contractors, drafting buildings and shop drawings, and bigger than anything he thought possible.  Ben was guided down the path of his purpose and the purpose Foote-Built was born.  Ben began to plan for Foote-Built to become what he had always dreamed, an architect firm of his own.

During the process of getting licensure and starting a business Ben went through a great deal of struggle and personal growth.  Through this process he realized that Foote-Built is meant to be bigger than him and it was only through the Faith Ben has in God’s purpose for him that this vision could be realized.  In order to insure that Ben was not standing in the way of his own vision, he wanted the company to become the mission as it is intended to be.  Ben removed his name from the company and changed it to Faith-Built.  This also was to demonstrate the Faith that Ben has in the mission and vision shown for him.

Shortly aBen3fter changing Foote-Built to Faith-Built it was suggested that the name Faith-Built be spelled with an ‘E’ as a way to make it stand out and give some thought of the root of the vision back to Foote, without replacing the Faith that has built this vision.  After some serious thought and in-depth research into the spelling of both Foote and Faithe, Ben discovered that both are proper old English spellings of each word.  Further he found that the spelling of F-A-I-T-H-E give more emphasis on Faith being an action and not simply a belief.  Faithe indicates putting into action our Faith and moving forward on the vision that our Faith is founded.

Demonstrating our Faithe in action is the foundation for the mission of FAITHE-BUILT.